Down to talk about anything..

  • So I'm new here and just thought it best to put something out there.
    Up to talk about pretty much anything, doesn't really bother me but I don't talk to enough people and thought that this may be a good opportunity to possibly meet new people from different walks of life.hi

  • You are allowed to talk to me if that is what you inquire.
    Oh, where are my manners?
    I am Kara.
    Welcome to this site.
    Feel free to write to as many people as you please. They, too, are here to talk.

  • Well, I'm not going to leave you hanging, m8. Pretty admirable to want to meet people from different walks of life. However, I'm a bog-standard white Englishman, so nothing much to offer there.

  • thank you for replying anyway, I think that it's important to understand how others live and different cultures

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