Is there even a point coming to this site when I'm "sweetly" surpised with a ugly a*s brown most probably Indian d&;k everyday

  • Of course being sarcastic about the "sweetly surprised" part , I hate it, my eyes have been scarred 100 times more than a person that died from stage 4 eye cancer. . Good thing Im facing a wall, you can imagine ppl using this site in public or infront of their friends/family.
    What is going on on this site , how is he..whatever it is not been permanently IP banned, or whatever banned to be able to keep on creating new acc to spam that ugly ass hairy brown mishapen thing

    Part of me is thinking its one of the mods secretly creating new accs specifically targeting and plaguing my posts to take revenge on me l after I made that mods are a* hole post to shitt me off lol only has this has been popping up everywhere I go on this site, including when I come on public chat. But dont wanna be too self absored about it, could just be an a*shole spamming everyone and everywhere, and I've also been on the topics section more often now, Im just surprised no ones talking about it.

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    @Chicken-meat chill out. İ don't hate no one. Mods are banning him continuously whenever they can it's not that easy tho. So hold your horses

  • But to be fair like It is still a pretty cool site with a lot of admirable functions that co exist together, and it is built on the foundation of random s*x one on one chat like Mr.bean implied,

    I guess I would recommend since one on one chat u can click on a photo first to unblur it, the admins or whatver can create that function here too, for all photos to look blurred first before clicking it and making it unblurry.

  • @zoob and here is a word of wisdom for you "if its an ongoing problem that keeps happening where you are randomly popped up and virtually eye raped, clearly even tho I can appreciate you doing ur job, but as evident now YET AGAIN, prevention is better than cure, and if u cant stop a person from posting d*ck pics over and over again with new acc than these ppl running the site are doing a terrible job.

  • @MrBean well you dont know the initial purpose of this site, the people that run and create this place, could have very much well just wanted to create an online retreat where people can freely interact with each other.

    I dont really get ur whole point of saying this site is made only for profit.

    obviously the site needs profit to able to run it, so thats why the ads and stuff,

    Also not sure the revelancy and what you tryna get by saying "please cut ‘freedom of speech’ and having ‘an opinion’ some slack. Chill your boots Damn."

    like if anything this is a situation of "freedom of being a public flasher online" and if We're also censored on so much words (which I mean its not too bad cos I know my way around it) but mods are here to moderate "abusive behaviour" so this is my take that Im sure me and many others dont wanna see a diick randomly pop up on our noti lol.

  • @zoob look at what ur doing now, I already said as for now what I wanted address about the spam of diick pics and how the banning of it and deletion of the pics hours later is not enough. If ur a mod, u should strip ur badge because u suck at it, I didnt apply for a mod because
    I know I dont "moderate" well and can go off, Im just requesting and addressing this issue as a user, but maybe I should reconsider since seems like I could do a whole lot better job at being a mod than you and other whack job moderators or whatever purpose they do here.

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    @Chicken-meat lmao every single fucktard thinks like you. And take things too seriously until it doesn't hit them back. I never asked for mod title. They found me good enough to be a mod unlike you who's going to beg to be a mod. So good luck. It would be nice to see you around.

  • @Katherinee so you like for you and everyone here to see hairy brown ugly dickss randomly pop up only being able to be deleted after every few hours ? And then come back again..again..again..and

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    @Kadak-2 seriously? You need to improve your basic grammar sense first. I mean "much smarter" shows how much underdeveloped your brain is lol

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    @Chicken-meat i don't see this going seriously either. That's the reason i have been replying to it this long otherwise i don't catch up with posts. If it's the seriousness you want. Mods are humans like you so it takes a while to spot anything wrong and ban. The person who's doing such stuff got vpn so can't ban permanently that easy

  • @Katherinee yes I understand that already, I appreciate the effort into banning and deleting it, but as you can see it is not working, if we flag the post we have to scroll through multiple d-ck pics before flagging it, which I have to wait for hours on hiatus if the flag reached the moderators and the pic deleted yet, also now having to worry if any notification on a post is of a d-ck, and like you said with the IP ban it doesnt work cos of the vpn, and it jusf comes back.

    The best suggestion I can give is to make the photos blurry first which only makes you able to see it if you click it. and no, I will not leave because I actually like using this site, if ur so hurt by me talking about this issue u should step down as a mod and leave urself.

  • @zoobno oh, I just thought u were a stupid rampaging mod-ster, that is bored af and wanted to spam ur inner feelings of lack of life and inadequacy on others. I guess it worked cos u seem a little bit more cooled off now lol, remember, ur a mo-de-ra-tor, start acting like one.



    😂 @zoob I just don't think he remembers when he had that whole outburst of HIM being the one to spam pictures of his diick


    @Chicken-meat Hahahah hun, he used to spam all the time. Ask anyone on TWS, just so you know we aren't lying.

    Right, @Global-Moderators ?


    @Chicken-meat We were up all night trying to clear those pics a month ago

  • @Katherinee glad we went full circle lol

  • @Kadak-4 Ur disgusting, like if that dicc is urs, u should cut it off because its an embarassment to ur name.

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    @Chicken-meat shit you got us already. Now i have to think another way to annoy you out. Maybe send you pussies.😏
    And chick its easy to bark than doing something 🙃

  • @zoob u srsly hate me dont u 😑 wtf am i supposed to do Im just a user on this site that noticed this happening too many times for the past 2 days for me not to address.

  • @zoob "And chick its easy to bark than doing something 🙃" I just found this comment completely unnecessary, since I've ignored it enough times already that its a problem that clearly the mods and creators of the site is too incompetent to fix.

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