How would you set up a flat/mansion/house?

  • If you had to set up an apartment/house/mansion, would you make it (for example) modern, old-fashioned or colorful? 🤔
    Or do you have other suggestions? 🤔

    Describe your dream apartment a bit 😇

    Have fun! 🦁

  • @LionCara
    My dream house will be in the middle of a huge ass green field, in complete isolation from civilisation. it would be made completely out of glass, and there would be an oak tree in the middle of the house. and it would be like those aesthetic box like houses, the one the rich guys have in Hollywood.

  • The house mustn't look like one of those modern boxes like the rich guys have, those are so boring and ugly (No offense @DIVYAM) . Big living room with kitchen area and high ceiling, small office, but enough space for 2, normal bedroom, attic-style bedroom for the kids, partly glassroof so you can see the sky. Lots of wood, cause I just like how that looks, find it warm n cosy. Basement room with billiard table and bar and a workshop. A garage for 2+1/2 cars adjacent to the house. A terrace with a roof, so you can sit outside in summer even if it rains. Not too small garden with a big hedge so we have some privacy. A grill made of stone, with a roof above. Treehouse for the kids and a swing, sandbox too, for when they are small. Quiet location, but not too far from a middle sized city.

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    @LionCara Well I always admire the stunning,classy Scandinavian interior/exterior designs .. 🙂

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    Small, easy to clean and heat, no stairs. Needs kitchen, dining room and living room, bathroom, bedroom, desk, garden with bbq, toolshed/storage shed and a place to park car. Done. The more wood the bettet and All this in a quiet secluded location.

  • @LionCara Mine would be a small home.....
    A kitchen, medium size
    Lounge big enough for a bed for some lionesses to sleep
    The Bedroom would be big enough for the basics
    The bathroom would have a Power Shower with jets everywhere, and lots of space
    The garden would be spacious enough to hold a good sized party with a shed that was a DJ studio
    The front garden would have room for various cars.
    There would be no upstairs cause I am lazy, and if I had to go upstairs I would sleep on the sofa 😂

  • Mid century modern. Bauhaus.

  • @Durwin a Lounge for some lionesses? 🙊🙈

  • @Durwin awww 😘😊😇🦁

  • @LionCara I'd have different themes in different rooms, example for one room I'd go with a nature look complete with plants and a fountain, another room would be old fashion with wooden furniture. Another would have a minimalistic modern theme going on.

    Most importantly a big garden.

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  • @LionCara said in How would you set up a flat/mansion/house?:

    @Durwin a Lounge for some lionesses? 🙊🙈

    Of course......
    Would you think that would not be included? 😮 🙊

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