• okay so i havent seen this girl in a long time so i was at work and i went out to the lobby i saw the girl i used to liked back in high school sitting at the table with her boyfriend &  i guess she was waiting for her food at the table because i saw her looking over at the front counter when i went out to the lobby and when  i saw her  i stood there looked at her from afar but i looked away and went back to work.but now i keep seeing her boyfriend picking up food for the both of them at the place i work at soo i guess she doesnt wanna see me so she makes her bf go there and pick up the  food for the both of them there

  • @kian_dufner I would not take that too personally. If I were a girl I'd also make my boyfriend collect dinner 😎 . When you see her next time, just don't walk away but talk to her normally – you know as if things are cool between you and the past is in the past. If that opportunity never comes, don't sweat over it. Cause you know, the past is in the past 😉 and the future awaits you. You'll find another one (or maybe already have?).

  • @pe7erpark3r so u think i creep her out from all of that staring i did when i saw her that day at work. & maybe thats why i keep seeing her bf picking up the food there instead

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