Who's better men or women ?

  • Both are equal in my opinion. But if I had to choose then it would be a woman.

  • @E-Gene You are certainly right about the income.

    What people get wrong though is the meaning of the numbers. One of the main reasons why women in general earn less than man is the choice of occupation. Women tend to choose occupations (I'm just stating statistics btw.) that involve caring about others. Men tend to choose occupations where they can create things (cars, phones, software).

    The "problem" is now due to the fact that creating things can scale. A software you write once can be used by thousands of people. Whereas if you are a nurse you maybe able to take care of 50 people. It's just not comparable.

    Also men tend to choose dangerous occuptions (and risk is payed better) like working on oil rigs or the like.

    Actual injustice based on prejudice contributes only a fraction. This is not to downplay injustice though. We should all fight it together, man and women, when we encounter it. But always keep in mind, that there might be deeper reasons like the ones above and don't stop at the easy explanation (evil tyranny).

  • @ChaosKing and you must elaborate why women ?

  • @Adyyan Stop trollin lol, i know u can put that together 😄

  • is no argument to be made here. Women and Men are created equally opposite to each other. There are certain things men can do and women can't, and I'm not being sexist, that's just how it is. You may be able to compare the things men and women can and can't do, but that's just how it is. Like back to our primal ages, men hunt and gather, and protect. Women would stay at home, cook what men hunt, raise children. But those things are behind us. In this world, you can do anything. With the proper set of skills and abilities you can be anything you want, regardless whether youre a guy, girl, Apache helicopter. All those people who are saying that guys have more income compared to women because they're guys is just wrong. They don't pay you according to your sexual orientation but the value you have and the skills and abilities you can offer.

  • @E-Gene Thanks for taking part in this, sensible reply !

  • @E-Gene As a society we should make sure to properly reward people in caring occupations btw, no matter if they are women or not. Those whose occupations scale should freely share some of their gain with those whose occupations don't scale. It's hard to determine how and how much but we should tackle actual problems like this.

  • @Alte i didn't Ask about a car buddy 😂 XDXD

  • @Barton women are emotionally Stronger ? i'll disagree to that boy, but you've surly bumped into someone rare, if that's your experience speaking, this ins't Collectively Justified, Surprised with your view,

  • @Kana both suck ? 😂

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    @Sasuke33 said in Who's better men or women ?:


    Both are important, men are incomplete without women, n vise vasa . they both need each other at some stage of life. (If this comment got 10 upvotes, then I can wrote another paragraph on this. )

    I make sure once you reach 10 il give a downvote so u get back to 9 whahah ✌

  • Depends, doesn't it?

    Thinking about all those transgender women competing running and martial arts competitions my guess is that our time has just lost all sense... It depends on what, but more important than your gender is who you are as an individual.

    Obviously women and men are different, but they have way more in common than what differences. Who should win? If any one gender wins, one thing is for certain: both will lose in the end. So really the only desirable outcome is that both win.

    I want women and men to have the same chances and opportunities and the greatest freedom. As experience (and recently science) tells us, the results won't be equal. Women will – on average, that is statistically – choose other kinds of lives than men. And the more egalitarian a society is, the greater the statistical differences. Is that a bad thing? Well I for would not give up my free will for anything in the world (certainly not more money) and I would not want to force something like that on anyone. So, let everyone have what they desire even if men desire different things than women.

    One more thing, I love women. And the more I am myself the more I enjoy being around them. So being a man is great and women are great. Win Win 😉

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