A kiss from the husband can kill her. The woman who's allergic almost to everything.

  • Scott and Johannaa Watkins are married, but they don't spend any time toghether: they can't live together at the same space for a question of life or death.

    Johanna suffers from a rare pathology named Mast cell activation syndrome, a Autoimmune disease which leads the imunitary system to react against itself.
    She develops generalized alergic reactions almost to everything - most food, chemicals, dusts, aromas and even to Scott.

    Before, she had a normal life but was already alergic to some things. But problems got worse with time. Each time her husband approached, Johanna started to cough and didn't stop. "When I got close to her, especially when my face did, she started to cough - Always happened. When I approximate to kiss her, her coughing attacks got worse" - Said Scott.

    And you, were you capable to live with the love of your life like this, risking yourself to kill her?