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    I want help and suggestions, 5 days ago I found three kittens and brought them to my room. Made house for them but I dislike the mess they create. I found her mother coming through window next day, now I have to open one window which dangerous for security reasons and her mother brings their kitten to my bed in night, which I dislike , what should I do now being in job it's difficult now.

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    @Dark-knight-07 well obviously the mother cat is caring for her Young and you either need to care for the mother cat meaning food and water or create a door or place where she can come and go.
    A litter box and a bed of her own and each time she moves her kittens find them in place them back in the bed that you want her to stay in.
    since she likes being in your bed underneath your bed would probably be a good place to place her bed and as long as she can access the litter box is far away as possible as you can would be fine that should eliminate the mess

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    Do not feed the kittens. As long as the mother is breastfeeding them she will eat their waste.
    If you feed them outside food she will stop and you will have to teach the kittens how to use the litter box.
    Once that happens you should be able to put them all outside and the ones that stick around as long as you feed them a little bit we'll both hang around and keep your place rodent free as well as take care of snakes and as long as you keep them inside the house you will need to feed them completely unless you have a supply of mice rats and other things that they will eat

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