• Hey guys ask some F*ck Marry and Kill questions.
    Can be male and female

    So just say three names (celebrities or photos or links) and I say it! 😇🦁

    How often Sex, and when I marry can I cuddle with him/her?

    Fuck: This is your hit it / quit it option. It could be great while it lasts but they're better suited for a booty-call than a relationship.
    Marry: This one's good for the long term. Bring 'em home to mom, buy a home, raise a family, and spend a lifetime with them. You're stuck 'til death do you part.
    Kill: This is the one you can't stand the site of this one. Rid them from your life completely.

  • @lioncara :thinking_face:
    F = This Hmm.... well tbh I can think of a few booty calls.... :blush: can't I Ms .... but I say ...Calista Flockheart
    M = Either Drew Barrymore or Isla Fisher :heart_eyes:
    K = I'm not sure I can say the Ideal on this since she has some important job high in my country :/ so ... um ... na , I don't really want to kill anyone, and hate is a strong (underestimated) word ... I don't do that shiz ... #Make<3NotWar

  • @lioncara So Ms Lion ... what would your choices be? :O
    covers ears and plays def n dumb

  • @lioncara

    Calista Flockheart (Aley McBeal) , Drew Barrymore and Isla Fisher :joy:
    Them be my 3 choices , now what ya saying Ms Lion ;)
    I didn't include my :lion_face: tho sorry :(