• To those who live reading. I want to know what kind of novels do you read, the novels you hate and love. Maybe we can all recommend some to each other

  • @e-gene I’m not the greatest of readers, but in the last few years I have covered a wide range of literature. Mostly thrillers, but covered sci fi, biographies, horror and suspense.
    Of all of the books I read my fave of all time is a book called,
    “Incarnations” by Susan Barker.
    The story is set in the Far East and spans over a millennia. From the start you join the company of a taxi driver, sat in his cab....
    As the story unfolds it jumps a little back and forth in time exploring how the “soul” is an eternal thing and how from one lifetime to the next these “souls” keep meeting life after life, each with different roles and different positions.
    The world created by Ms. Barker is ,in my opinion, phnominal... the attention to detail in every time period feel part of the era involved, and the readers connection, not to the individual characters, but to the souls that inhabit these characters is simply marvellous.
    Really really gripping read.
    as you can tell, I enjoyed this one.
    Looking forward to your response and suggestions. :)

  • @Durwin I would very much like to read this. Thank you for sharing