Something funny that happened when I was looking at my phone while walking down the street is ....

  • Actually,I don't usually look at my phone while walking down the street, but there is this one time; me and my close friends are walking down the street and an important message that I am waiting for, popped up and I paused while reading it.. I asked my friends something without looking at them and this stranger near me answered back, because my friends are 3 meters away from me already ..

    What about yours?

  • The BatSheep

    @cjko Due to my huge radar ears, for me when I walk down the street I happen to come across some of the most radom cross section of peoples conversations....
    By this I mean the part that I catch could be connected to any number of weird and wonderful subject matter. I don't do it any more, but i did used to comment on many of the windows into stranges worlds while walking.. I would hear ,"blah blah blah"... and as I passed I could comment "random-blah random-blah random-blah" and just carry on on my merry way lol

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