• Dear Judith,

    When you read this message, it means i am in my routine life with all of things i should do. If you ever remember we ever had "a hard convo", this life finally end up like i ever discussed with you before.

    I have to admit that even though i am back to back business, meeting, coaching, training, mentoring, leading, tracking till teaching, my mind is constantly thinking about you all the time. For no matter how busy i am, you are always there in my mind.

    You are scored my heart, you have been, with that gross jokes, your funny thought, your weirds text even your blue eyes and your sweet smile. All i believe everything will be alright when you are with me, when you say "it is fine, i'll be here. Just do your job well". I really plan to move on from you, because it is hurt to love someone who does not have the same feeling with you, but i cant. I tried hard, keeping my mind busy all the time and finding someone but again, it is always been you.

    Would you believe me if i ever had such dreams like marry with you in traditional ceremony? You look beautiful with your white dress, walking to altar while i feel mesmerize and say to myself that "i never make any mistakes to love you"?

    Seriously, i expect nothing from you. Sitting in the couch and playing with your hair, listening your complains all things you hate, doing some jokes or just flirting you when you are in the bad mood, holding your hands in the bench, cuddling with you or hugging you when you re in bad temper, shopping some groceries or "your things" with you, singing our favorite songs, playing some games, drinking green tea then watching netflix or even just having a dinner with you are my top 10 favorite things i want to do with you.

    So, Judith, dont think about me too often like i do. Just live well. Just live. I am good and i am kinda happy with my job rn, you should do it too. If i miss you all the time, all of your nasty pictures are in my gallery and all of our funny convos is in my gmail. It is bearable, this things aint forever. I love you Judith, i am sure it is after all of sudden.


    G. A.

  • next year is two months away.
    see you in January.

  • @Iservejustice see you after christmas yo dude πŸ˜„

  • @spaceboy yo man, i miss you A LOT! But yea 😭 this work life rules me so well

    Yup i'll see ya in next year!

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