• Well, have had it to such an extent that it doesn't affect me anymore :confused: It never did, actually.Always been alone, although I've always had friends :face_with_rolling_eyes:

  • @darkice I have felt alone for many many years, even when I have been with friends or family.
    I managed to learn to deal with it in such a way that I can mask my thoughts and feelings now.
    I never used to be able to but, as you get older l you learn.
    Also after the times of close people screwing you over ....
    Who needs idiots?
    When you got tws ;)

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    @darkice Loneliness either makes you damn strong or totally weak . If loneliness affects you in a positive way then you will become really strong and totally independent , your life won't seem incomplete without those certain people with whom you used to hangout with . But if you let your loneliness affect you in a negative manner then it will make you weaker then ever , you will want to stay in a room and you will start feeling awkward in socializing or even talking to your loved ones and that may even lead to depression and suicidal thoughts .

  • @darkice

    Loneliness can be tricky. I've had a very healthy and big circle of friends and felt lonely and only had a gf and wasn't lonely. Loneliness isn't about how many ppl you have around but rather if you have ppl that can make you not WANT to be alone :sweat_smile: currently more like a lonewolf ._.

  • @darkice Being alone and being lonely are two seperate things imo. You are alone by choice and loneliness is something thats forced upon you. Loneliness is the state of being alone even if you are surrounded by people. You wanna go to a place but you cant because they make you feel like you dont belong there. Thats loneliness, for me. Again, how to deal with it is purely upon yourselves, devicing your own coping mechanisms. I suggest you read paulos manu scripts found in accra. You may find answers to most of your questions there. Quoting one of my fav lines from the book,"The Divine Energy is listening to us when we speak to other people, but also when we are still and silent and able to accept solitude as a blessing."

  • @darkice This is my weird answer :) This is my perspective at it lol. As long as you look at being "lonely" as a bad thing, you won't have much chance of learning more about yourself :) During "lonely" times, you get the chance to focus, recognize, learn and upgrade yourself on every level, especially in psychical aspect. I like to look at the whole process of "feeling lonely" as a new chance of starting new things. There will come times when you will wish to be " left alone" , just accept it and appreciate it. Once you are lonely, you are actually free to do what you want, just make it sure you are doing what you want because we rarely blame ourselves for our results and achievements. You don't need anyone if you can recognize yourself and your goals :) Don't tell me you need someone to tell you it's raining outside. Don't feel sorry for yourself, ever. Once you start asking yourself small, simple questions, you will get great answers on how good you are :)

  • @darkice loneliness only affects you if you want it to affect you. Like @Ash33 said, you can always go to sleep 😂 sometimes dreams are better than reality. But if you’re at peace with yourself and life, there is no such thing as lonely. Loneliness is only a mindset.

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    @darkice Ive learned from living by myself for so long that its one of the best ways to really learn about myself. Its almost a gift because those who always have people around never get the chance to really study themselves

  • @darkice
    Then I goto sleep

  • I love to be lonely.
    The feeling is great.
    Loneliness gives you the strength to do anything you want to do.
    Imagine you are all alone in this world, only you and your loneliness.
    It sounds creepy but I would love to experience that feeling once in my life if possible.

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    @darkice it affects me to a point that I fap more

  • ♡ soul searchers ♡ Movie Buff

    @darkice It makes me want a gf so freaking bad. lol.

  • I usually start to desperately reach out for attention. Something to cover up the feeling.

  • @krissi_pookie and ends up hurting more...

  • @barton usually yeah :/

  • @krissi_pookie i scared away lot of my friends by doing that...

  • @barton I'm sorry to hear :( I know what you mean, I've noticed friends are often quick to forgive if you are honest with them.

  • @krissi_pookie the thing is they dont have time anymore... so i dont disturb them anymore with my tantrums.. i just shut myself down and act nothings wrong...

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