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    I lay there, my shoulders and neck pressed against the mattress.

    You lift my lower body, resting my hips against your thighs.

    You kneel over me, taking in my nude body

    I feel small in that moment, your muscles strong and hard against my petite form.

    I watch your menthol green eyes take in my body like a predator, carving apart my tender flesh, my immodest position, legs spread wide serving no defense.

    You place your palm against my breast sliding your large hands down my stomach taking in the softness of my skin.

    I unconsciously bite the corner of my lower lip, the roughness of your weathered hands sending electricity through my skin now in goosebumps.

    Your focus now turns to my blushing sex

    The innocence of my pale soft flesh clearly denied by the steady stream of wetness now trickling from my labia and down my pink anus

    You grasp the base of your thick cock positioning it down, tracing the head back and forth across my lips.

    You lift your cock up as I anticipate a rough plunge but instead you slap the length of your meat across my pussy the weight of your thick member stinging my clit.

    You do this several more times your roughness almost in preparation for whats to come.

    You position your cock once more, this time there is no denying, you press forward burying about half of yourself inside of me.

    My tightness preventing you from sinking farther you draw back and thrust once more burying nearly all of your cock in me.

    I quickly grasp the bed to steady myself against your weight, biting into my free arm to stifle as I release a low guttural moan

    I clearly have never been with anyone as big as you are before and that combined with my nervousness causing my vaginal muscles to strain against your girth.

    You lean your weight onto me grabbing my wrists and pinning me to the bed.
    My unyielding tightness leading you to long deliberate thrusts.

  • I believe only one thing "Learning breeds controversy" so I want to in relationship with a honest, sympathy and faithful girl...

  • Wow! That's hot!😘

  • @snpem69 Thanks I may add more later.

  • its really steamy........😎

  • @terminalpretty Please do!?

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    So Attractive story

  • @terminalpretty that was really hot and cute to me

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