• So, I'm not really a marriage person, but I have been wandering this.
    If you were to make or receive a proposal, How would you prefer it?

    1. Traditional, Romantic Down on one knee
      0_1540552860507_Down on 1 knee.jpg

    2. Etreame OTT

    Presuming that the guy would make the proposal,

    If your female, how would you prefer to receive it?


    If you male, how would you make it?

    Although I am not the type to get hitched, If I were to do it, I would go down the traditional route, nice meal.... romantic post meal setting, extravagant ring and the question.....
    That's me .... so what about you?

  • @shaun-durwin The Traditional one 🙂. It's the best way 💞

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    @shaun-durwin I prefer the traditional one.. If if if.. I am expecting something more a twist aside from traditional lol

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    I'd prefer to make a marrying proposition, instead of receiving it, thought I'm female, and I choose romantic (romantic, not necessarily cheesy).