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    So as an Australian myself i wouldnt consider myself arachnophobic but because I still fear some spiders I am , so as dictionary.com says phobia is an irrational fear of specific object , activity or situation , thats alright but i dont agree with the usage of the word irrational like heres a Brazilian Wandering Spider which venom acts as viagra so it will give you 2 hour painful erection and then kills you and also hides in bananas isn't that common sense to fear this creature?? or Sydney Funnel Spider which can kill you with just a bite , or Brown Recluse Spider that can make your leg rot and fall off with just a bite , and since im not arachnologist but i have a degree in biology but still i dont specialize in arachnology im not good at telling these creatures apart so if its sydney funell web or a harmless one ill rather fear it ,and that seems like a common sense to me. As always share your opinions

  • maybe the response was meant, irrational or not. if somebody is really afraid of something hed do crazy things when confronted.
    ive seen a girl once jump in front of a car because a dog went to greet her.

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    @brujo alright but still , most phobias are not fucking irrational tho , i want dictionary to correct themselves , like sometimes irrational and also there is EXTREME OR IRRATIONAL some phobias are , some are not :3

  • where im from there are no poisonous animals, at least not lethal, so fear of spiders is irrational here

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