• So its been awhile y'all. How is everyone? Good? Good. Well I just have some things I needed to talk about so get comfy cause this is gonna be a long post.

    So first things first is lately I've been noticing how guys treat girls and it's sick. Like it makes me literally sick. And one of my friends posted this the other day and I just wanted to share it with y'all.
    I mean this is actually true. Like why are guys so quick to judge women but what's on the outside? Like I know this is clichè but it's what's on the inside that counts. And I know some girls judge guys by dick size but Tbh its not about how big it is its how well he can use it. And like Idk how to compare it with girls but I guess judging them on how skinny they are or how big their chest is or even how full their lips are. Like why are we fussing over such dumbass things? Like really. Its stupid. And like some girls are quick to judge on how hot a guy is. Like how big his chest (pecs) are or how big his arms are or even if he has abs. Now I'm not putting the blame on the girls or the guys it takes two to mess up but I tend to see it more in guys. Anyway time for the second part of this.
    Second part:
    I just wanted to see how y'all are doing, and I wanted to congratulate @Kat_15 on getting mod! Huge round of applause to you sister! So what's new with y'all? And now time for the third part.
    Third part
    I just wanted to show how fucking much I appreciate my baby! @Vampire_Queen I love you so much my beautiful queen. I know I don't show it and I'm trying to be a good bf baby but it's tough so just bare with me and I know we are gonna make it thru this. I love you baby and don't ever forget that. 😚❤😚❤😚❤😚❤😚❤😚❤😚❤😚❤

  • Hey, (havent been on for forever so just saw all of my notifications :grin: ) Thanks for posting this bc (some of) us girls are done with this shit. Don't get me wrong, girls, I'm not calling u who aren't sick of it w****s or anything, but JUST TO LET U KNOW GUYS u touch me, I will bite your damn hand off, or die trying. (I'm kinda in a bad mood just 2 let u know :) ). So again, thx for being like that one guy who actually appreciates girls for who they are, not what they have. Keep bein' urself :) :)

  • Well, firstly, not all the guys are looking for big boobs and ass. I know a lot of guys who are actually turned on by skinny ones.
    Especially gym-fans, most of the bodybuilders I've met like super tiny little girls.

    Secondly, there are certain reasons to treat girls in this way, the main of them is that there are plenty of girls who are looking for one night stand, so this kind of people usually find each other.

    In the end, Tinder, badoo, work the same way - you will not get likes from the girls just for nice description of yourself. People are selective, because they know they can get both sexy woman and nice personality if they try really hard, or at least they want to believe so.

  • @vat totally agree

  • Welcome to life.

  • @gretta pm me