• You may ask me why no title
    Maybe because I had none to think
    But, yet, I didn't give it one blink
    You ask me questions and I reply I don't know
    But, in fact, I didn't care so...
    You shout down upon me from a balcony
    But, oddly, I hide courage and show cowardly
    Your words are nothing more than bee stings
    Its time this butterfly enter the ring
    I lean to my friends for support
    But, quiet saddening, I wait alone on the sea port
    You ask me why I don't care
    Well, let me share
    You label me the worthless runt
    Ha! I carrying out your brunt
    But, most definitely, I hate your labels
    Because they follow people like jumper cables
    But, pardon me, I have offended you, shame on me
    I have been called loon
    For my Ideals, my Dreams, my Goals, my positive Attitude, my Feelings
    But, such words, only make me shine brighter
    So you ask my why no title
    positive Attitude

  • I feel so lonely, feeling so empty,
    I couldn’t stand it all,
    I’m feeling so angry, got to be crazy,
    Hmm, let me tell you a story,

    I just want to grow up, do some push up,
    So I’ll get thumbs up,
    But I got hold up, sent to lock up,
    I guess I am fucked up,

    Three years have passed, I’m out at last,
    I knew my life is blessed,
    I cleared some mess, get a new dress,
    It’s time to forget the rest,

    I feel so full, I am so filled,
    It’s time to get chill,
    Went to see my girl, my only pearl,
    So I bring my glossy jewel,

    When I show up, and she looks up,
    I wish I never turn up,
    She’s with another man, without his pant,
    Oh, is this a God plan?