-treats a girl like a queen.
    -doesn't flirt with other girls.
    -You brag about his gf
    -makes his gf feel like she's the only one (and she is the only one)
    -makes his girl smile and laugh and not worry
    -make her depression and anxiety fade away
    -loves her for her
    -doesn't need sex or sexting all the time
    -who wants an actual relationship
    -who "plays" the boyfriend and best friend.
    If anyone knows where that guy is. Tell him to hit me up!

  • @hales18

    Patience is a virtue my dear. Don't try to rush things and settle for the 1st one that shows up, sometimes it's good to get to know the person 1st and just then jump towards him.

  • The first problem is you don't LOOK for a guy! The perfect guy will find you. If you have to find him then that's not the right guy for you. The second problem is that women are so scared to be alone they go out searching for a guy so they end up settling for ANY guy and not the guy that truly deserves them. It's ok to be alone and it's on to have standards don't compromise. There are good men out there let fait do it's job. ❤️ Much love and remember you don't need a man to be a queen all by yourself 😘

  • @mr_peanut ahahha if there's a hahha button I would tap it a million times.

  • @Mindoverbeauty 😏😏😏😏

  • @hales18 I'd like to say I fall into the category's you state, but I'm deffo to old, way to far away ... and happy with my solitude right about now...
    But you will find the man you are looking for, never give up hope... It may not seem it but there is that special one for everyone out there, that soul mate we all have...
    Keep that warm smile on your face and never give up :)

  • @hales18 i suggest you stop looking for men with keeping a set of specific qualities in mind. its like being in market for a second hand car which is devoid of any scratches and dents. think of all these guys that came across you as an experience. try to learn something new from them, understand their strengths, flaws, qualities, tastes. it would help you in the future. besides, you seem so young (sorry if i am patronising) to be in the hunt for love. times change, you will change, your priorites will change. now is not the time to over think about all these stuff. i said not over think. buid yourself, concentrate on your future, your career, family and friends. and remember there is no such thing called a perfect person. indivuduals have both their flaws and strengths. love according me to embrace that individuality regardless of the flaws. understand that when you say you love the moon, the moon also has a darkside. and finally its all easier said than done. in the end everybody for him/herself. the key is to not settling below of what you feel you are worth of.

  • Music Lovers Movie Buff Freedom Writers GSP Patrol | The Proofreaders

    @hales18 Nowhere. It's like you can't find a guy who possesses all the qualities which you want 😃.
    P.S. A person shouldn't change himself for anyone else.

  • Girls that ant to be chased? Make sure you’re not easy to catch. Guys too. Nobody wants something they didn’t have to work to get. Which car would you treat better? The one it took you a year to save for, or the one that was given to you by a stranger? The one that’s dirty and you can’t show in public OR the pretty, clean one?

  • @hales18 girl it's hard, especially with men now a days 😐

  • well.. hmmm you will. Anytime soon.. Trust the timing. While waiting, invest with yourself .. it's worth it :)

  • @hales18 In a worst case scenario you could check Ebay to see if they have any special offers :O lol
    Chin Up hun

  • ♡ soul searchers ♡

    I'm probably too old but I'm here

  • ♡ soul searchers ♡

    my resume ma'am

  • Nobody is perfect. But we can try something new. Who knows honey? Tell me what you think.

  • @hales18 You just need to wait, you will find it. Keep your head up and that beautiful smile on face, everything will be fine.

  • @junlee I believe that. But when I guy flirts with other girls and then tells his gf that they were joking. And then you have that same girl tell you that they are joking....that's what I'm tired about.

  • @hardfrank I don't want the bad boy. I'm different.

  • @hales18 u can find that type of guys in tv shows 😂

  • @bela 😊😂

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