Finding new friends.

  • Today I want to tell you about a friend I met recently.
    Her name Abigail and she is a fashion designer, very resourceful, creative and enthusiastic, she's really pretty, nice and has a heart of gold like mine 😉 its only been a week since we met and became friends but when we see and talk its almost like we've known ourselves amazing right.
    Abigail and I are in the choir and her voice is golden, her smile is very beautiful and contagious, she's like an open book with no just want to keep reading 🙂
    Its really amazing to find someone like Abigail, she puts makes me smile and laugh whenever we're together, chatting or on calls,..she could make anyone smile out their teeth, she's a really happy person and I'm so happy to have her as my friend. She's my best friend now 🙂

    Do you think I'm being too quick in judging her personality or I'm just really good at blending and reading people fast?

  • Well, I met a girl one day, we talked for our, we were writing a lot of messages, we did some phone and video call, we sent each other funny stuff involving us etc 😊 It was amazing time, and I thought, I found really soul mate. And oh gosh how wrong I was - that girl, was like a 'chameleon'. She was just pretending, so she could impress me. And there's nothing worse in people, when they're lying, and not showing themselves to you. Of course, not every person is like that, but I'm careful now 😊
    Maybe it is amazing stuff for you, and I hope it will stay that way 😊😉

  • no i dont think u r being quick its natural

  • hi there i am also Looking for new Friends

  • @Piyush-Mishra thanks dear

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