• Anyone here watch friends???
    I'm sure you have ... haha i know its a silly question, BUT

    Whats your fav episode??

    I have 2 ....
    The One Where Ross Find's Out (S2E1) --- I'm such a softy lmao
    The One With The Ball (S5E21) --- Chandler can't catch bahahaha

    Soooooo ... What ya got for me?

    0_1533204738414_What Ya Got.gif

  • @mr_peanut love that show, have never stopped watching random episodes on youtube after i finished the whole series thrice. Now i actually remember the script line and expressions of what the cast are gonna say in certain episode. I will never mind my age for this :grin: :grin: :grin: No age limit for the show you love. :muscle: