• Willow we all love you a lot and would appreciate it if you stayed! Cause without you TWS would be shit. So please stay. But I'm hoping you read this so you get to go back in time with me like Idk 6 months or something. So the first time we met. So about 6 months ago I believe I had randomly stumbled upon Willow's profile and so I hit her up and we started talking. Now it hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows for us but we both said our apologies and we continued as very close friends. But recently I havent been able to talk to her much at all. And the reason being is I am working 40 hours a week and barely have time for Abby. And I am trying my best. So please Willow be patient with me. I am trying my best and still feel like I am failing. But that's beside the point this post is for YOU Willow! Okie so My favorite things about you? Well you are kind, smart, funny, nice (as long as you are on your period, Jk) and one of my best friends. And you aren't afraid to tell people how it is. You are very blunt and honest. And some of the best convos I've ever had came from you and I talking. Its so much fun talking to you, like you are always happy, always have a smile on your face, and some how thru all the pain and the bullshit that life and people throw at you, you keep smiling. You are one of the strongest people I've ever met and seeing you go literally kills me. So Willow please please please PLEASE stay. I'm sick of loosing all my best friends and with you leaving well I literally have like no more close friends other than, @Vampire_Queen @ObviouLucifer and @ODIN that's it. So please Willow, please stay.
    P.s. You are the Capri Sun queen and we can't loose the queen here, so please stay.

  • Is this for real...

  • @ash-_u yes, yes it is.

  • Well, I am among the few people who had some issues with her. But that was just because of contradiction in our thinking. I personally have no problem with her, infact I like her. TWS felt very boring since she is not very active here because it's fun to read her post and replies. She should come back for her friends.

  • ABOOBS Banned

    Let her leave lol

  • willow(can't address her) leaving?