Suicide is a crime, and murder too......But from them,which is worst??

  • Suicide is a crime.....
    And murder too
    But which one is worst??
    I mean......suicide??...or murder??
    Suiciders vs Murders

  • Suicide affects not just the individual but also his family and friends.

    While a murder on other hand not just affects the individual and his family but also the victim, his family and the state.

    While suicide is a crime in certain countries, it is more concerned with mental health of the concerned person.

    A murder harms morale of the whole society..

    So murder trials are conducted as Perp v/s The State.

    You can try putting a religious angle to it saying "Taking a life which was not given by you is a sin" and so on and so forth but in the end a life is a life.

    And murderer had to no right to the life of his victim while the person who committed suicide at least had a right to his own life. (This does not exclude the suicide bombers, they are the worst scum there is).

    So in my opinion Murder is a worse crime.

  • Suicide is not a crime. It harms nobody. Killing somebody, you are acting against his will, while suicide is just the freedom to dispose your OWN body. Body belongs to it's owner, not to his family and friends and only owner can decide what to do with it.

  • @jimmy1708 thinking about it is much worse.

  • Murder is badder. In suicide you hurt less people. In murder you hurt more peoples.

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    Murder. cuz that person doesn't even know that he's about to die.

  • I lean more towards suicide being worse.
    I don’t think you could live a full life without eventually contemplating murdering someone. It comes a bit more naturally. Plus we’ve been mastering it since the beginning of time. I’m sure anyone could name a hundred reasons someone would want to kill someone else. I’m positive everyone could justify quite a few of those as well.
    Suicide a little different. Our ability to think allows us to judge ourselves to an extent that actually allows us to bypass our survival instinct. Murder is simple. You just have to convince yourself that your life is worth more than the person in front of you. Suicide... especially at a young age because it is very common. You give up before you even got started. It’s like closing the only book you’ll ever read right before the climax.

  • @jimmy1708 suicide! because suicide means you hate yourselves. and in murder you hates another person. hating yourselves is worse than hating someone else.

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