• So the company I was using is being a dick. So I told them I want to do this on my own. So the teaser I said you guys were going to get is not happening. So I have a better teaser. And I'm giving you guys the lyrics to the final song on the album called "final song" is a goodbye song to the mother in the storyline of the album because she passes away because of Cancer. And the people that are singing are the Husband and the two girls. The chorus is the girls and the rest is the husband. Let me know what you guys think of the lyrics.


    seems like yesterday, we were holding hands, saying I love you for the very first time. Seems like yesterday was one of the many days I fell in love with you. But in a blink of an eye, it goes by so fast. But baby looks how far we come, battling this for the second time. I know you'll be by my side, but you are definitely the love of my life. I wouldn't change it for the world. Oh baby me and the girls love you

    This is goodbye to Momma
    We're gonna miss you
    Goodbye Momma,
    You're an angel in the sky
    we love you Momma
    we know you're right by our side
    goodbye Momma

    I know you wish you can take it back but we'll make it to you someday. look how our girl is growing, they look as beautiful as you. But we know yours by our side.

    This is goodbye Momma.
    We'll get tot to see you soon.
    we're gonna miss you
    Goodbye Momma
    You're an angel in the sky
    We love you Momma
    We know you're right by our side.
    Goodbye, momma.

    Oh, baby, we love you, we really do, I love you, I really do, oh I love you, yes I really do. so here's to our final song
    Yeah eh yeah, here's to our final song.

  • @hales18

    Can't wait to read/listen more of the other songs! This one looks very but it had to be sad as the theme around it is really heavy...

  • @hales18 it’s good

  • @Hales18 Cant wait to read more songs.

  • @hales18 sounds like a heart felt song. <3