• First thing to do is part those outer lips and place your lips over her little bubble of joy .... then you suck on it, not hard but so it it is pulled upwards a little ... you can let it relax and repeat this a few times but not let it out of your lips, the girl will probably gasp at the joy and surprise of it .... then when it is swollen you start licking from just inside her vag and just below the clit in a slow steady lick, (theres no need to be rough or harsh), to outside and up her clit .... you'll feel her body responding, maybe arching when an orgasm is approaching .... dont change your speed or pressure, just keep the same ryhthm going, let her orgasm and keep going in the same way, she may try to push you away but keep going in exactly the same way, in this way she might experience a dozen orgasms, and you will be her hero for ever.... remember, lick from inside to out, slowly, with same speed always - and if she says you are hopeless you can send her my way ....... :yum: :yum: :yum:

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