• Ladies do you think it's sexy for a man to wear thongs or g-strings. and would you consider dating a man like this. put down your honest opinion don't be afraid to be honest. Not just any thongs or g-strings women's thongs and g-strings. come on ladies I need your honest opinion . Wheres all my openminded women at. Let hear what u have to say. If u do know and would like to I would like to see it to get a better a better opinion and honest opinion hit me up..................jskjdkdkknd ndjdjjdjbfjjfjjfj kdkfkk kfkfkkf

  • Sexy, I don't think, not yesterday. But having a date with someone who wears them is, no problem. You are no less man, virility is seen from other things, just as a woman is not sensual only if she wears fishnet tights ;)

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