• Shaila and Miah walking together in a mini street
    "Hey, Miah. Where are we going ?"Shaila say's.
    "We are going to Jordan House!"Miah say's.
    "Is she in her Houese?"Shaila say's.
    "Maybe...."Miah say's.
    "Why you didnt call her?"Shaila say's.
    "My Handphone is dead"Miah say's.
    "-_-"Shaila face's

    just that for part 1 gaess, im so tired.
    im sorry it's very CRINGE .
    im from indonesia, so its little bit impossible for me to write this.
    Teehee, <3 <3
    GOD BLESS YOU <3 <3 <3

  • Cringe is fear?
    why impossible for even story writing?