• Have you ever wondered if you one day you choose to be a teacher as a career? Well this story will bring it up and make you understand.

    Are you a good student when you had to go to school? If yes, congratulation. May be it is one of the way you say thank you to your teacher. If you are not, no worries, send them that you appreciate their effort and you re glad they ever be a part of your life or may be you should thank to god for their kindness and unlimited patience ever.

    I am one of volunteer teachers who joined a government program on 2015 to teach and to acknowledge students for 3 months in a remote area. It was located on Banten, West Java, Indonesia. Dont ask me how hard to struggle on this area because there is no wifi, the food is really limited, there is no permanent residence and there is no light in the night, i even had to walk around 3 km to call my sister and my family about my conditions. Thank god, at least this place still provide clean water to wash my clothes and take a bath (even i did it once in three days).

    In short, i re-joined this program (again) since 2017 because i am willing to make a change for the next generation of this Indonesia but it is still on Jakarta area. So, here is a story on this 6 months.

    I had to handle a class, i think first "ah it is easy since it is just one class". Then suddenly, all of teachers there said something like "Sir, if you want to give up, it is okay. The government will handle all of this students on next June" or may be the funniest one "Sir, dont give up even when you want to cry, we know how you feel". In that time, i did nodding and saying "Oh, chill fellas, it is just one class. I will handle it well". Suddenly just for 3 days i was on that class, i really wanted to go home and said to my parents that i will find a business woman to marry me so i will be a husband who will stay at home. Well, that class was full with trouble maker kiddos start from 1st grade till 6th grade with total students around 25. Cool right? Yea i got a heart attack everytime i was on that class.

    I got 2 students who have ADD, 5 students who are easy to do bad things when they are upset and short temper, 8 students who love bullies their juniors, 3 students who want to study but they have their limits to study, 2 students who always get bullies and the rest, they have a dream to be a pilot, a doctor, a sailor even a police but they are kids with disabilities. So, i have to handle all of them.

    So, the students who love bullies their juniors did fighting with another school and that happened when i was on a personal trip around May (i did not even know how this things happened). They attacked around 12 random innocent kids on the street till they had to hospitalized and they got serious injuries. Do you want to know a reason? They said "This is my area. Everyone has to obey me". They got official punishments from school, police and government. It something happened with them, what about me? Oh, all people except teachers on that school put blame on me even when i did not say any single words :) gasps

    The other story is about ADD kiddos. I could not push them to do exams. The problem is their parents have a high hope to them and insist them to be a smart-ass kid while they have a limit, it is about their concentration. One day, one of that kiddos did not want to do exams so he failed in all of subject (all of his papers were blank and clear and i was not a supervisor who gave him a score). His parents came to school, scolded me then suddenly his mom came to him and did slapping him in front of me till that kid cried loudly. I tried to chill his mom out but suddenly i got all of blaming there. I tried to explain this kid had a problem with concentration and he just wanted to play all the day and he got a good progress. However, they did not listen and wanted their kids move from that school. The hardest feeling is when suddenly i got a letter from him in the last day he attended my class and that letter said "Thanks Sir, for being a good teacher of me and always understanding me. I will be a pilot and i will bring you with my plane". Do you know, i am broken in that time :) Somehow, i just think, why do parents want to raise a smart-ass kid instead of a good kid? Being a good kid is not easy like they think.

    And the last, a student who have a short temper and do bad things. This girl always wanted a color score in every subjects for no matter reasons even she had to do cheat all the time. I influenced her to understand that all of flying colors score is just a score on a paper, it is easy to do that. Suddenly, I got a call from the principle about young researchers so i left class for 10 minutes. When i came back, class was such a mess, she broke a white board, 2 of rulers and my laptop, 2 students who always get bullies cried a lot because they got hit, and she did fighting with another short temper students and cussing words, cursing words, bad words played like a rap music. I thought i prefer to dead atm because of it. (All of memories about my parents raised me up in a very religious way suddenly pop out. You did cussing once, you got 10 times slap on your face, no food until you understood that is not a good thing). What i did in that time? I was silence in the corners for a minute, tried to chill my emotion down, put a classic song in my ear in full volume then came up to that girl, held her hand and asked her to stay in a room for 15 minutes. I came back to class, tried to cheer up cried students and gave them toys to play with an agreement to play it nicely and peacefully and be a good friend to all. Then, i came back to her, tried to talk about her conditions, her reasons and her feelings. This girl feels like her presence is nothing, nobody wants her, her parents does not care about her, they even does not listen her and nobody in that class wants to be her friends and she hates that class because she wants a normal class (based on her opinion, it is abnormal class). I tried to communicate with the principle to transferred this kid to another "special school" but suddenly the sad ending is their parents said this girl should not go to school again because of "personal reason". In the last day i saw her, she said "You know Sir, i wish i have a dad like you because my dad never listened me even said something to me. You always be my favorite teacher". A 5th grade short temper student said this sweet things made my day in that time and i fell for her sweet side atm.

    If you ever try to speak about "how to be a good teacher", you should not do that. Why? Because it is not easy to be a teacher. You are a person with multi tasking skills in the same time, you have to be a smart-ass person who give them lessons and subjects, a person who have to be a good friend of them and influence them to do good things, a person who have to control your emotion even when you wanted to blow up, a person who have unlimited patience to acknowledge parents about their kiddos and the last, you have to have a great passion and a high compassion to all human being.

    For people who talked about "A TEACHER SHOULD BE A TEACHER" wherever that human belongs to, before you dare to say such things, you have to be a teacher first. If you dont have such experiences, stop talking a rubbish thing and pretend like a grow up human while you are not, stop talking how to behave like an adult while what you do just put a blame. You suppose to give an example and take an action so people would understand what you are saying and you are not doing a biggy trash talking. :)





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