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  • Im 29 female. Im about the divorce. My husband cheated on me. We r separated for 2 years. I have a son 4yr. I send him a divorce notice he didn't reply yet. I met him thrice after we seperated he didnt apologies but he blamed me for his mistakes. I don't know what he is thinking. He didnt put any effort to convince me. No matter how hard i try i can't forgive him. Im looking for a job now nothing is working on. Im in complete miserable state for 2 years. Im tired of doing nothing. Im afraid of my sons future. Im scared to face the reality. I dont know how i feel im doing nothing for years. I cant even live with him and i cant live without him. I know if i go back things not same as before. But i cant help it. 6 years if marriage life just like that he forget about me and my son. I cant understand. I thought he will return to me but im wrong. I dont know what i did for that 6 years to him? Is it all my imagination? I dont want to talk to him i even blocked his number. At same time i wanna tell him how i feel im confused. How can i get over this shit?

  • @Sir-Devil since when devil got a tilte as sir ? For what joy you think should share problem ? Who's problem you are talking about ? Your problem, or other fellows problem ??

  • Just got told I'm moving in a year. Not even getting the chance to finish middle school. Also too scared to tell my friends.

  • Welcome, Strangers! I have once again returned to offer my services...

  • @burvochi-2kx at least you're probably in a better position financially and mentally than me. I'm only 14 and I've been through more shit than all the Catholic children combined (because they get molested). I didn't get molested but i went through other bad shit and the thing about Catholic children was a joke

  • @tessha hi tessha please follow me

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