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  • @sir-devil eeeeehahahahaaaaahahaha and this is me laughing..:P

  • @sir-devil that's true you have to really trust them to give them a chance again thank you for your advice 🙂

  • @greentealover i met someone who is crazy about me...its hard to believe..but yeah i found love too..*blush *blush...and it just happened inspite of all my futile attempts to break it off...and the constant emotional tests i put him through..he is still standing like a deep rooted tree ...and im madly in love with him..and it scares me...but he just makes everythng alright and treats me like a baby...and yet gives me all the space and respect i need to act like the queen i think i am:P..hehe..when you find ur guy you will just know it..becoz no matter how much u try to push that person away or hurt him..he is going to stand with you you and love you like nothing u have ever felt before...:)

  • I have to do my homework but i am not really in the mood for it. What should I do?

  • @khaleezi91 was that question addressed to me?

    If yes, I would try to answer that without answering the question.

    From what you have described, I would deduce that the reason would be just bad luck or a lack of planning/being unprepared or that the universe is set on making your life miserable.

    Chose one of these, you think is the right answer.

  • @khaleezi91 okay, by saying that your can't catch a break, are you talking about bad luck in
    general or something specific.

  • @khaleezi91 but, that's just how the world works. Sadly, there's no other way around it. One may work his entire life for something, while an another may take that thing for granted.

    What I am saying is that life is indeed unfair. There's no denying it. All that we can do is endure and preserve and sometimes even that is not enough. If we fail that we would fall back, and then taken over and would finally be forgotten as we lie in our deathbed. That's the life of common people. Life's indeed unfair.

  • @khaleezi91 and that was a generic answer. I guess, you were expecting something different. I guess, I don't know what you are expecting but until I know that, my replies won't probably satisfy you.

  • hi sir devil. i have a problem. i wanna be an angel. but then i wanna be a devil too. can i be both?

  • @trophy to the woman owned by her Master / Husband are you happy with Him and are you happy in the lifestyle?

  • @subshygirl42 No, she wasn't happy. She has left him and is living quite happily now and don't expect a reply from such old accounts. They most probably won't return here. They had an issue. They asked and then, they have left.

  • @sir-devil why the whoa...okay? if I may ask?

  • @subshygirl42 well, the thank you part was a bit..detailed. I don't usually receive such detailed replies.

  • @subshygirl42 Well, what can I say. I am overwhelmed by your respect and hence, I thank you for that.

  • @Luna-14 Oh...I have adapted. Now, I prefer darkness to light and good night.

  • @sir-devil Don't know if you'll see this but here goes. I had an affair with this guy. I usually don't get involved outside of my relationship, but that's another story. Anyway, I fell in love with him and his kids. We broke things off because he said he didn't want to break up my relationship and didn't have as much to offer financially as my partner did. I HATE that I still love him. He had a relationship with a co-worker and got a tattoo, then they broke up. I NEED to be over him, but I can't seem to let go. Any thoughts?

  • Im suicidal .. recently i left islam .. i dont believe anymore .. also i left my family cuz they would have killed me .. I'm all alone .. i have some money that will keep me alive for a couple of months .. i feel destroyed and dont have any desires for anything any more .. as i cant even make the money to live .. i have internet connection and laptop .. i need a way to make money online as there r no jobs in here .. in Egypt .. i thought about uploading porn .. but No not doing this .. i think there r better ways .. but only if i know how .. can anyone help me ? .. i need only 200$ a month .. i will work hard to get them .. but how ??

  • @ghost-of-you The thing is, you fell in love. It is impossible to cut off those feelings so quick. There's not much, you could do. All you could is wait. But, you having an affair also suggest that you are either unsatisfied with your relationship or that your partner doesn't love you anymore. Either of those would make waiting harder. So, if your partner doesn't indeed love you, you can get back with him. If he's loving you, I would suggest not to. It would be like playing with his feelings. So, I would suggest you to just go about your life and you will forget about him over time. There are many people, who have lived like this. Initially, they struggled very much but then, after a while, they came to terms with their life and started to be happier. I hope this helped.

  • @barez Okay. First things, first. You are suicidal and you have left Islam recently, which makes you really afraid for your life since you are in Egypt. The reason behind you leaving Islam must be big since it made you feel destroyed. If you wanted to talk anything about that, I would suggest you contact @AlwaysStranger. He was a Syrian, who also left Islam.

    Then about the job. For a quick fix, I would suggest you get a data entry job. Try some sites like It would be hard, but the pay would be good. Actually, I am doing that too, to cover my expenses. You could either do it temporarily, till you find a better job or you could just do it permanently. It might work for you. If you don't want to do a data entry job, You could do any freelancing job. Something would work for you.

  • @solosapien Follow Gary Vaynerchuk on social media. Read books about other drop out but successful people like Steve Jobs and Richard Brandson(he had dyslexia and now the CEO of Virgin).

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