Share your problems with Sir Devil

  • something bothering you....want to share something with someone but don't know anyone to share it....I, Sir Devil will listen patiently to your problems and would try to help you at the best of my ability...

  • @kaycee The only solution is to ask him directly. You will never know the answer until you do it. There's not much use in worring about it. It would just make you feel worse and the longer you keep on worring, the harder it would be to accept the answer. If you ask him now, and if he says no, at least you will have a answer. It will give you at least some peace. It would be sad but it would get better. If he says yes, all the better.

    Btw, saying that you wouldn't feel the thing you feel wih him with someone else, to say it bluntly, is pretty stupid. It's just that you haven't met a lot of peoples yet. I am saying this because I'm tired of seeing my friend who say this hypocritically at the start of every relationship.

  • Welcome, Strangers! I have once again returned to offer my services...

  • @one let me say just one thing. When you tell people what they like to hear, you would lose your originality. People will find that obvious. Some may even find it suspicious. They might wonder about the reason behind your niceness. Many would come to the conclusion that you are flirting with them. It is more likely to happen in this age.

    It may be hard to always honest with your feelings in real life but in here, it's very easy. There is absolutely no consequence. So, always be honest with your feelings.
    And also, don't care about other's opinions

  • @paypalboi I can't do much there. I can only give some suggestions. Tell me, why are you broke?

  • I may not be active all the time, due to my exams but still, I check the messages and notification every day. So, if you guys have something to ask, ask away. I would reply ASAP.

  • So, my exams are over and I am going to online more regularly.
    Okay, with that aside, Hello guys! Anyone want an ear for your problems?

  • @talkwithstranger I respect you but you must see that there's little I could do here. The methods I use only work if they wish to change. @kek is a grown adult. He is aware of all the things, he is doing. I can talk to him but in his mind, I am nothing. I mean, I haven't done anything significant to gain his respect. So, even if I talk, I don't think that I could influence him to change.

    Even, if he changes, I don't think anyone would trust/accept him in here. He is universally hated in this community and his recent activities are not helping it either.

    So, let me think if there's another solution to this issue other than just banning him.

  • @kek Freedom of speech is indeed a big part of the part but that doesn't mean that you don't have to follow the rules and policies of a site. It's his site and he can do whatever he can and he can give this power/authority to someone he trusts. Almost every single site has some kind of policies that every user must follow

  • Hi guys! I am online....after a long break, I guess?

  • @sir-devil awfully long break!

  • @greentealover There's no way other than interacting more with others. From what you have described, it seems to me that you are desperate for love while being introverted. You don't need to grab other's attention. Just start by talking to more people. Maybe you have a good friend. Hang around with him more. Interact with others. It might take some time and may seem useless but I assure that it would work.

    Not everything in life can be achieved alone. Sometimes you would need the help of others. Hence, it's okay to be introverted but not asocial (I'm not telling that you are asocial, just making a point).

    If the things, I said are wrong and/or useless to you, it might be because I don't know much about you. Hence, if it's wrong, can you tell more about yourself and specify where I was wrong?

  • @luna-14 The answer you are searching for is Fallen Angel.
    Even Lucifer, the devil was an angel once.

  • @sir-devil Well maybe not all are equally trained in the proper way to address You. I believe in speaking with respect when addressing someone with a title such as Sir

  • @sir-devil Well i am equally appreciative of Your approval.

  • @sir-devil I am so loving this conversation.. why did it stop???

  • @sir-devil 😂😂

  • @sir-devil hard to breathe.. like asthma but i'm not. just terrify. so scared in the dark. hahaa.. sounds childish ya?

  • @luna-14 lol, many people have the same problem and no, it ain't childish...

  • @sir-devil said in Share your problems with Sir Devil:

    The reasons I am not regularly doing my daily greetings.
    A) I am lazy. (Would slack off a entire day without doing anything)
    B) I might forget. (Would leave this tab open tho 😛
    C) I may even be busy. (Okay. Sometimes)
    But this doesn't mean that I would not respond. I would respond ASAP, with it not being more than 12 hrs.

    Hi guys! I am online.

    Btw, I am and will not online 24/7, like before for a few days, since my pc's os got corrupted. Hence, I am running Android in my pc, as a backup for a few days and since it won't allow me to online just by running the browser in the background. Hence, I won't receive any notification and replies would be later than usual.

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