• Sinking that's how I'm feeling right now. I currently have psorasis covering 80% of my body. A single mom of two boys and am now homeless and jobless. I'm hoping there are some kind souls out there that could provide some money are assistance. Medical doesn't cover psorasis so I pay out of pocket and need to see my dermatologist three times a week at 40.00 a visit. I've never had to ask for help so this is a gamble but being from wyoming and new to Cali it's my only option. Thank you

  • Try Vitamin D3 supplementation, above 5.000 UI use Vitamin K2 too

  • @erica-keel From what I understand (a friend of mine suffered bad to) your move to Cali should be a great help. As @Lateralus suggests, the vit D supplement should help to some degree, but the sun and being out in it is a really great help. Being in the UK my friend never had the luxury of eternal sunlight, but when it was out it helped him soooo much the difference in him was unreal. If you didn't see it you wouldn't believe it.

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