Why is TWS addictive? What is it that makes everyone come back here?

  • Hi sisters,

    Since then, majority of the users have made many attempts to leave this site forever, including me. I am addicted to TWS. When it was my third day here, I wouldn't stop coming back to this site every hour. But I wasn't aware of it since I was new.

    But what's weird is that a lot of users that I know also admit that they are addicted to this site and would leave if given the chance, I find it very strange. How can you be addicted to a website that you know wouldn't be a part of your life? Since last week, I was trying to find a reason why I keep coming back to this site. I'm not going to lie, I hate this site with a burning passion. For those who used to be here but is now inactive, I congratulate them.

    There are a lot of users who made topics about their problems with TWS and them saying they are officially leaving, but here they are again talking with others as if nothing happened.

    What could be the reasons behind why TWS is still have some users here unintentionally? Could it be because of chatrooms being a rare thing? (Admit it, majority of other chatrooms are either dead, full of bots, or users who just want sex). Or maybe it's rare for some to have internet friends that they are just enjoying this already.

    Did you try to make an attempt to leave TWS? Do you think you are addicted here? If so, why do you think you're still here even though you don't want to be here?

  • Music Lovers

    @ᑕᖇiᗰᔕ-ᑎ I was addicted earlier, like a month ago. But, Since a month, I have been coming to this website less. I guess, it all happened after this site became a mega cancer. And I stopped coming to Public Chat. And even now, I rarely come to Public chat because of all the negativity.
    Topics and DMs are fine.

  • @Γαητα This is interesting to read about. I just joined days ago. I low key dont like how this site isn't helping me with my insomnia.

    My theory for people possibly going back is maybe the same reason people keep checking Facebook, instagram, Twitter, w.e theres just an instant rush of dopamine somehow using our phones for these sort of things.

  • Watch Anime Eyes

    @Γαητα I have left TWS several times. I joined almost as soon as the public chat was opened, but after making several mistakes and having one of my best friends leak my information, i had to go. My old account was amazing too. I had so many friends, once i was in the top 3 reputation-wise.

    I only have one reason i keep coming back: Nostalgia. I keep hoping that when i return to TWS it's going to be the same TWS that it used to be.. Of course, it's not anymore, but i'm here again, hoping i can have at least somewhat of a similar experience that i had before. I hope i can get back in touch with my best friends again, but thats naive to say the least..
    I don't honestly want to be here, but i'm getting desperate to talk to them again.

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