It was my first time!!

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    Yeah, it was my first. No no, not about posting a topic here, I did that once before this, I'm talking about it was my first time, I got too high last night, idk about others, but I still in lil hangover rn,
    So one of my friend came back from goa with some wines, rum bottles, n he was said "let's open up a bottle, come to my place "
    (If u not like people get drunk u can go, don't read)
    I wanna go but guests came in my house, but anyway I ask permission to my parents about go to my friends house for STUDY (n yes! I'm still child whatever).
    I went there with my friend, bought cold drink, n go to friends place (no his home) with all stuff we need.
    I know if we can control our mind, then we can't got drunk anyhow. So I thought I can go to my house within 2-3 hours.
    We started drinkin , my friend is gooood at making drinks, I do 👌 this.
    He made another drink for me , he thought I can handle that much nit drink. Even I too,
    (Sry if u get rid of my English, but I'm still in hangover n I need to complete my story)
    So, I said something that I don't wanna say that time, I just making fun of that thing so I said,
    After 4-5 glass, I don't know why I'm saying this, but I started that topic n I need to finish it.
    So, I talking about it, n.... Idk but I feel bad , can't stopped my tears , n saying I don't need to cry but I'm crying.. My friends was worried. But ,... I ... Can't stop cry. My friend gave me huge .. I'm yelling her name, no I mean her nickname I don't know her real name so. I don't know what time now, n I was lying on ground n vomited 3 times , (shit what I said here)
    But I was not finished my topic there, so I thought let's finish here.
    When I was broke, that time I was watching a gameplay stream on YouTube, she is my one of favorite streamer, even she is not so famous, I text her in live chat, "a girl broke my heart [streamer name]", n idk but she read my text , I was surprised , n feel good she noticed me, she say "what she did exactly" , I know if I text what she did, then also she was not reading that text, coz I know I was not that lucky.
    But I really don't have reason! She did nothing. Ya nothing. I realized when* that streamer girl said that,
    Oh. God why I'm broken , she did nothing tho, idk

    Yeah that it , I finished my topic!
    If u think I'm seeking for ur attention, so think that! I'm OK with ur hate, but at least I said something real about me.

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