My dad's new girlfriend is the woman I am in love with.

  • There was this girl in our workplace whom I liked the most. She’s pretty, smart, funny and we’re good friends. She’s exactly whom I’ve been looking for. I have been crushing on her since I first laid my eyes on her angelic face. She’s really my proof of saying that Thai ladies are amazing. I tried several times to tell her about how I feel but she would just turn me down right away. I thought she’s not ready to be in a relationship with anyone then. But the truth was, she had been in a relationship with my dad for months. I saw it in my dad’s phone one time. Actually, he was planning to introduce her to me over dinner. I don’t know how to face her. How should I tell my dad? How should I handle them both?

  • @morganstar I know how hard your situation is because you're in the middle of the two important people in your life but you better accept that she's not for you. Give your dad a chance because you're still young and I know you can find the right girl for you.

  • @morganstar give way to your dad, someday you can find a girl better than her.

  • What a small world. That must really sucked.
    I think that, if you and your dad are like, close or buddies, you could say it to him when you are alone. Like approach him honestly. Because it would be heartbreaking for you to bottle up those feelings. He might understand.
    But if you and your dad are not really that close, then I don't really know how you should approach him.
    But also, don't forget to think about their feelings for each other. They love each other, and so you must learn to let go and be happy for them.

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