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    @Michaelele dudeeeee your so amazing! Like I remember when I first cam on here I met you and a few others in pub chat through @BOOTS22 and we became friends instantly! I can see why because your one of the most caring, understanding, funny, laid back, kindest, and most complex person I’ve eveh met! And dude listen to me when I say this... any girl would be lucky as hell to land a guy like you! I mean you tha bomb! I just don’t understand why you feel the way you do because so many people love you and care for you! Your such a unique person nobody can replace you! Yusss we’ve had good days and bad days but all friendships have those and tbh I’m glad I met you because then I wouldn’t have someone besides Malachi to brag about!😂 I gotta spread the bragging ya know(he still gets a lil more swwy😂) but dude if I could go up to you right now I would walk up to you and squeeze your face (like the grandparents do when they say your growing up) and tell you all these things a million times! Pwease lighten up I know chu a little grumpy but I still know who you are no matter how you feel and you got a heart of gold!💯 I’m so thankful to have you as a best friend and I know your not on as often as you use to but you can be gone for years and Ima old lady and you come up to me and be like ‘hey Abby how are you?’ I’ma be like ‘HAI MICH BOUT TIME YOU COME AND SEE MEH!’ And we’d talk about errrrything 😂 I know I suck at making people feel a little better but I hope this helps at least a little bit... @Michaelele you’ll find the one one day and she will be the perfect girl for you and Ima be the bridesmaid😂😁 I promise ya

  • ABOOBS Banned

    Damn Abby… I told you, that you didn't have to take your time to do something like that.

    I don't even know where to start.. I am just WOW that's truly amazing from you.
    I can give back everything you said, but still it wouldn't be enough…
    Everything you said about me and everything you've tried to make me happy.. is just not what a normal friend would do.. Only your best friend would do something like that, and I count you as my best friend. Not only as my best friend, but I count you as my FAMILY. I am not even kidding. You are just.. I can't even find words, to describe how awesome you are. Not even the word „perfect“, would describe you, because you are so much more. It's just a blessing, to have you as my best friend. And lucky @BOOTS22 couldn't be any more happier with you. Just because, you are the one girl for him. I'll support you in any way possible. I've already done and will always do. Someone like you deserves the best from the best. I could say so much more about you, but the only thing I can say is, be happy with what you got and don't stop showing love to the people you admire the most.

  • Reading a part of this topic was the worst idea, what a waste of pizza.

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