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    So umm ... Let's start with my introduction :
    I m Priyanka from India and I m 14 y.o. I love singing , drawing , writing , reading , song writing ,listening to music and photography . I m a die hard fan of Taylor Swift . I m vry free minded and not at all of orthodox mentality . I used to be a moderator on this site , but I left recently (yesterday). Don't ever abuse me coz I definitely know more curse words than u will ever know 😊 jk 😂 IDGAF to haters !!!!! I love these people - myself , god , parents , crush , bff , tws friends and coaching friends . Feel free to text me coz I have just changed my tws settings , but yeah ... If u ever talk dirty on dm then I'll delete the chat , block you and flag you . I m a nature lover and selfie queen ❤ I love travelling , especially trekking 😊 Before u ask me , I would like to clarify that i m not on fb , snapchat , twitter , kik , discord etc. And I give my insta only to my close friends . I like to watch pandemic and zombie movies so u r free to think that I m weird .. but i also love movies like Jurassic park , lake placid , anaconda , harry potter , final destination , twilight , journey and also the lindsay lohan movies and other teen movies . But my all time favourite movie is TITANIC . My all time favorite song is I KNEW YOU WERE TROUBLE by taylor swift . I can be a bit annoying or immature at sometimes but I never cheat on my friends 😊😊

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    Im really happy youre back :))

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    @shane52 Not so easily 😂

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    @cutie-cat follow me 😊😊

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