• tws gay club but no homo Freedom Writers

    So tws seems a bit ded at the moment so I figured I’d make something to try to see if I can revive it😂 so I guess I’ll tell you guys a story about me so y’all can judge meh a little more.
    So a few years ago me and my best friend got into this huge argument ok like it was HUGEEE we was pretty much done with each other. Completely pissed! Well I decided to (being sarcastic but she never saw it as sarcasm) throw a fake funeral for her at school! I got all our friends in on it and we all wore black and was acting all upset and for break I had this little speech thing written to say (we all ignored her to make her seem as if she was actually gone) when I said my piece it was me describing how well our friendship had been and how I was regretful we got into an arguement and after that she ran up to me and hugged me and we just made up after that!
    So you guys needa tell meh a story about something you guys have done

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    I kicked my friend today, at school.
    Very interesting righttttt?

  • @abby-83 well B let me tell you about the story of the guy who thoughy I wanted to take his girl and now he asks me for advices and always ask for my help when they fight lol
    So there was this girl on my instgram,I knew her a long time ago and I knew she had a bf.So she made a live broadcast once,so I was talkin to her like just talking,and her bf came.He started to throw some words at me,then I got pissed.
    I called 4 homies and told them to wop his ass and talk smack to him and let's see what happens.5 minutes later he appologized to me,and we started asking each other where you from bla bla,so we had the same prespactive when it comes to everything.Now whenever he wants to flirt to his girl or want to send her love letters(in arabic),he always asks me for help,and I always help him out.
    Point is I can turn my enemy into my friend just like that😎

  • tws gay club but no homo Freedom Writers

    @hazard oof seems like you needed help tho considering you called up your friends😂

  • @abby-83 I don't get my hands down in shit 😎

  • tws gay club but no homo Freedom Writers

    @hazard I’m the type of person that handles her own business lol

  • @abby-83 your the oof Queen that's your thing 😂

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