Hitler killed 6 million Jews & he was a Christian. Does that mean all Christians are Killers & Terrorists?

  • @sheapard i knew that most things in the universe behave that way before you told me. I just didn't think you were talking about revolvation that NEARLY EVERY OBJECT IN THE UNIVERSE DOES so i concluded that you were talking about another type of revolvation

  • @sheapard and how does that disprove evolution anyway?

  • @whoever lololol. I almost thought you were serious at first but after that it was really funny

  • @sheapard @sheapard it doesn't make one "scientific" but if someone willfully ignores the theory and doesn't try to understand it because he has a bias of religion over science then the person is deluded and not being scientific in anyway. I didn't ask you to tell me to teach you evolution, i asked you to tell me what might disprove evolution since you asked me to teach you it, watch these videos:

    (How We Are Still Evolving Today)

    (The Evidence For Evolution)

    (How our bodies are super imperfect in ways that can only be explained by evolutionary science)

    And then tell me what you think disproves evolution and I'll respond with A. If you won't watch the videos I'm sending you then I'll answer with a moment in one of these videos where the answer is explained B. If the question is not answered in one of these videos then I'll give my own answer for a Wikipedia link or something

    (things that you may not understand about evolution and will try to use to disprove it)

    P.S. calling me and darwin drunk does not disprove evolution

    And by the way humans didn't evolve from monkeys, no evolutionary scientist ever said that, it's a myth, we have a common ancestor with monkeys who's not a monkey but an ape and which lived about 50 million years ago. You're scientific ignorance is outstanding

    And by the way this is how i feel that this conversation will go

    And if I'm right then I'm going to be happy to tell you that you're a lost cause l and I'll stop talking to you forever

  • @sheapard said in Hitler killed 6 million Jews & he was a Christian. Does that mean all Christians are Killers & Terrorists?:

    am really not in the mood of some whatever sitcom you've piled up with flexible story-telling to ‘explain’ observations contrary to evolutionary theory.

    You know you can just leave right. I'm not obliged to give you a biology course

    just discuss briefly to me what is indeed the naturalistic origin of life and its diversity, cos in it lies several unanswerable question.


    How did life originate? evolution or by Intelligent designer

    Even though the origin of life has NOTHING to do with evolution

    Here's a documentary and a couple of videos to explain the most probable solutions to the question:

    How did the DNA code originate?

    WTF does this even have to do with evolution

    How did new biochemical pathways, which involve multiple enzymes working together in sequence, originate?

    WTF does this even have to do with evolution

    How did multi-cellular life originate?

    from single-cellular life that grew

    How did s*x originate?

    Because for genes to survive they have to reproduce

    And it's not s*x it's s e x

    How did blind chemistry create mind/ intelligence, meaning, altruism and morality?

    Intelligence happened when brains started developing linguistics, using tools...

    Meaning is subjective and not objective but it's created in the mind to help animals make sense of the world

    Using tools is common between a lot of animals and it started because it's useful for survival and efficiency

    Why is natural selection, a principle recognized by creationists, taught as ‘evolution’, as if it explains the origin of the diversity of life?

    You didn't watch any of the videos that i sent you and if you say that you did then you're either lying or you just don't understand English videos

    How do ‘living fossils’ remain unchanged over supposed hundreds of millions of years ?

    They do change a lot but the ones that remain intact and not super damaged remain that way because of natural preservation

    Except you want tell me it all happened because of probability , chance, randomness without any Intelligent designer..

    It did

    hopefully , you don't give me another evolution sitcoms

    Do you have any other questions

  • @sheapard what is it actually postulating then? How am i beating around the bush?

  • @sheapard so you don't believe in evolution because i don't understand what it's actually postulating, is that the reason?

  • @sheapard i think we should end this conversation because nothing is going to change your opinion on anything. In the words of Penn Jillette:

  • @sheapard you didn't watch anything i sent you. You aren't even listening to me. Most of what you said is answered in the videos i sent you. I don't care anymore because I'm not going to waste my time giving you the same answer in different formats (text, video, picture...)

  • @sheapard hahaha. So you're just using the old "you aren't going to do it because you know you're going to lose". You know I'm stopping to talk to you because i feel like I'm talking to a mentally challenged person

  • @billus-billus what's up felloe athiest, I'm an anti-thiest

  • @billus-billus oh cool. So you're an anti-thiest too. Cool. Anti-thiest is a person who is against religion and the belief in god, yes.

  • @sybariumy i agree with u, i like ur words... learn from my friend you @AlwaysStranger

  • @alwaysstranger no religion of the world is violent. U r crazy

  • @emily +1 to Emily Answer, I'm a muslim my self yet I never use violence because my religion isn't represented by 1% of those who misuse its words or taboos or worships

  • Hitler was a atheist or more pagan in his beliefs. That's why it was so important to him to find relics and create myths about German history. Not sure where you got that information but it was a bad source.

  • @ilija-gromovnik we can blame nazism and we can blame the failed education system. And we definitely can blame the quranic scripture which I've shown down bellow

  • @opink Go see how i explained to mr @LA-Man that hitler is definitely a Christian

  • @manroe i wouldn't insult you

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