Six, an anniversary.

  • I listen to the sound of the tear rolling down my face. It is deafeningly singular, alone, as I am now.

    Just over five fingers long. Reaching out for a decade. I lie with the light on. Unable to sleep. My mind racing with thoughts.

    Thoughts of 'how could I...', 'I should have. ..'.

    In my mind I know that this is futile. There is nothing that can be done for you now. Why does it still consume my thoughts?

    I am broken. My outsides are holding it all together but inside I feel shattered pieces floating in the miasma of life within me.

    I don't know how to be so I plaster a smile on my face and go through the motions of life. Your face appears in my mind's eye. Smiling that cheeky grin as you did that day.

    It feels like a lifetime ago that you were here and I was with you. Now I lie in a different country surrounded by the lives of others. Hoping their flow will push me along.

    I send out hope for you, wherever you are, whatever you are. I hope you are surrounded by love and by happiness and are at peace with yourself.

    This is my thought of you, just as we were two souls brought together, as another tear joins the first.

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