HI, Im a MUSLIM ... ask me ANYTHING.

  • hey muslim how are you?

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    @Muslim only Shias are real Muslims, you will know on the day of judgement.

  • @ivar_theboneless well . we ve been told (we muslims) to not hate anyone based on the race or religion the man who use to live nets to mouhamad peace by open him house was a jew ... he didnt kick him out of the city ... im just trying to figure out what this war against muslims without motioning what trump did ... and ask your self this have you ever been treated bad by a muslim cuz of your religion or identity ?
    thanx for your share friend we need more people like you in this world.

  • anything? the meaning of life, why did trump win the elections, why are ants more organized than humans, is the string theory true. is the earth flat, do aliens really abduct cows, why the alphabet arranged that way, what am I having for breakfast, will the Dalai Lama revive? I have so many questions

  • @muslim
    Why U.S.A suspends over $ 1.1 billion security assistance to Pakistan?

    Do you support staunch muslims that offer others religious people to be muslims?

    Why Middle-East muslims are homophobic?

    Do you respect other's sexuality?

    If no, does their sexuality concern to you ?

  • okay its ask me anything.. i would like to ask.
    what if u falling love with a girl who have different religion with you? what would you do? make her move to Islam, just give up on her, or have a relationship anyway?

  • @jimmy1708 sure iam bro .... it the most respected month for us ^^

  • @it-sharish pakistan is full of resources thats why,
    2: its our duty to share the principals of our religion .
    3: because they have been moved from poor to rich ... they have more than they need ... so they are loosing it .
    4; i dont care what's other people sexuality ... but i think its wrong .

    thanx bro ^^

  • @luv2lik Amen, You speak rightly even by Gods spirit; Gods wisdom is foolish to men; but mens wisdom is foolish to God; for God searches the heart and convicts, men further hurt by 'judging' God and men; not knowing in all of it; Gods Love burns passionately so much so He is as a soldier who knows His brothers who went to war with Him minds have been poisoned by their enemy not knowing their enemy and having their mind poisoned they fight against their own Brother

  • @xxawakening22 I'm not talking about Islam but Christianity; which is REAL, I am not sorry to tell You 'Muslim' that Your faith is actually being run by people who seek to control the population and kill off the christians; not all of You, but the people who wrote the koran are not Godly and do not know what Holy is; God is Holy and is not judgemental; but merciful because we were deservent of death the moment we sinned or broke a promise to God; because breaking promises hurts us all, no religion involved: examine the commands without a religious mind: 'Don't steal; when You steal from man, You steal from Dad. Don't lie; when You lie, You lie to Dad. Don't Cheat; Don't bare false witness; when you speak evil of Your brother, You speak evil of Dad, Don't Cheat; when You cheat in any form game or relationship, You cheat Dad. He takes it very personal because He is very jealous for us as any Good and Loving is very protective over His children; but those who dishonor God or Dad; listen to this: 'The kid You raised knows what's right and still does what You hate; he won't listen, he hurts everyone he comes around, he is selfish and doesn't want to change'. Even if You sent that kid out to live on his own; it would be to his own hurt or death or someone elses, no exceptions or excuses; because he: 'Doesn't want to change' but any child that listens to 'YOU' and does all that You ask and goes even above that You cherish and brag about to everyone; that is who God or Dad is without religion. So when God said go and kill; You know why. No matter what You or God would do, these people hardened their heart towards God and their brothers, furthering humanities sufferings; because what if we did as all 10 commands said? Then when someone was sick we would be there to cater to them and comfort them and go above and beyond... etc... the point is God made it clear that we cannot or could not do it so Jesus came and finished the old law and promised to justify us by a new law which is completed in 2 commands: "Love God with all Your heart mind and soul and Love Your neighbor as You Love Yourself" by these nearly 700+ commands are followed; so the conclusion is; it's impossible to walk with God or Dad without Jesus; who wants You to put Him first and then the Love He pours out on You will then be able to be given to others; so without 'heavenly intervention' or brotherly affection, we are all 'rightly' sentenced because our 'sins' hurt God/Dad and those closest to us; NOT because of laws, religion, but because Love doesn't have to think about whether it wants to offer help to the dying; it just does and will do whatever it takes to cater and restore anyone who is broken. Finally Jesus put it this way: "There once was a son who took all the riches that God or Dad 'promised' him and: 'spent it all', so seeing his poverty he went and worked as a farmer under a man: "As we all do, whether rich or poor" the man wouldn't feed him and he being desperate ate from the pig trough and thought: "If I go back to My Father; maybe... He will forgive Me and I can be His slave and live with Him". So the 'lost' son left and returned to God or Dads house and came and this is the part that gets me: "The Father seeing the son; 'afar off' began shouting and crying: 'MY SON, MY SON HAS COME HOME; DRESS HIM, PREPARE A CELEBRATION, GET THE BEST CLOTHES WE HAVE, GIVE HIM MY RING AS A SIGN OF HIM BEING MY OWN AND POSSESSING ALL THAT I HAVE'. You may not know this; but that 'son' is "YOU", anyone who is lost and dying in the world who doesn't know God or Dad. God or Dad even tells His own 'sons' Me and You; "That if You let one of My 'lost' sons perish, I will punish You". So those in God or Dads house are strictly charged with finding 'YOU' else we will be judged as though ignoring You and not committing ourselves to You for Your own sake; even if You hate any of Gods sons who are revealed by the 'nature and character' of God. Woo God is so Good, no 'religion' whatsoever! Finally I end with this: God or Dad is so jealous of YOU, that He is willing to punish or reward His own sons; just so YOU can come in to His house where You will experience JOY unspeakable; Jesus came first to reveal our Dads true nature, christians are supposed to copy the character of Christ to draw all men to Dads house by defending the 'lost' sons and daughters day and night; no matter what storm may rage God has given us power to shake the nations and make our enemies of any kind tremble by YES being able to: Heal the sick, cast out devils, raise the dead. Watch the people in Africa work in Gods mighty power who don't know religion only to aid one another as they don't have much; yet God multiplies just enough to feed everyone; not in excess so we would forget Him, He wants to be the: 'CENTER OF ATTENTION' isn't that what we all seek? My prayer for You is think deeply and consider what I have said; although Jesus already warned 'offense' would come and we would be hated for this very reason; to release the captives and bring sight to the blind and oppressed; fasting also is about learning to put God and others first making them #1 and not Your wants and needs, again; 'no religion'. Amen. Love You all, blessings to You from Dad our Loving Father and Jesus His Beloved Son who is fierce and has fiery eyes ready to unleash wrath on every evil work of depression, anger, sadness, envy, spite. All these emotions working against the plan to bring one another together in Love and perfect peace.

  • @muslim omg really? im so sorry for her 😞

  • @muslim said in HI, Im a MUSLIM ... ask me ANYTHING.:

    @it-sharish pakistan is full of resources thats why,

    What a joke. I cannot stop myself to laughing now. My bad luck. Why couldn't I ask you a question that how unaware are you. Pakistan is a poor country. It is the 14th most poor country of the world. Proof-
    whole article- https://www.focus-economics.com/blog/the-poorest-countries-in-the-world
    alt text
    alt text

    Pakistan is the home of terrorists this is why USA suspends over 1.1$ bn security assistance.
    Article for proof- http://www.thehindu.com/news/international/us-suspends-over-11-bn-security-assistance-to-pakistan/article22372751.ece

    P.S. Almost 96-98% pakistanis are mulims.

    alt text

    Full article-https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religion_in_Pakistan

    2: its our duty to share the principals of our religion .

    Sharing or compelling?
    Example- this is an example only. Muslims did not share their principles. they disrespected other religions and compelled others to be Muslims
    Article- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Persecution_of_Hindus

    3: because they have been moved from poor to rich ... they have more than they need ... so they are loosing it .

    Again a wrong answer. They are homophobic.
    Article- https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/jun/21/gay-lgbt-muslim-countries-middle-east

    4; i dont care what's other people sexuality ... but i think its wrong .

    Good to hear it

    thanx bro ^^

    Thank you too brother.

  • @muslim da hell man!! You should stop posting something like this. You just create another issues and keyboard wars. I saw your two previous posts before and it was so offense.
    It does not matter about your religion is. All of religion teach and encourage you to have compassion, to accept diversity and to help each other. If your religion could not show that three things, it means there is something wrong with your religion. Period.

  • @sushant-singh do u know any pakistanian ? go ask em ... then come back

  • @g-a well ... i think its better than looking for gf or sexuality ... its all about making a change ...

  • @xxawakening22 thank you alot brother for you share and care ... jesuse is a prophet jjust like mouhamed ... can you give me one sentance in the bible that jesus said i am a god worship me ?

  • @g-a yeh one more thing . i mean to ask me about my personal life .... not that

  • @muslim said in HI, Im a MUSLIM ... ask me ANYTHING.:

    @sushant-singh do u know any pakistanian ? go ask em ... then come back

    I would not want to greet with a pakistanian when I can look up through google. If you want to defence your religion, you can come up with some proofs and sources next time. I would definitely appreciate it

  • @sushant-singh then keep it that way .. than again

  • Do you repect christian while they don't repect you?

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