• due to my topic about Islam and terrorism, i got a lot of messages from different people . some of them was encouraging some was disrespectful to me and to my believes. so am welling to put this on the spot ... and give those who hates me and those who believes in Me the chance to express there felling and thoughts and idea in public ... ALL IS RESPECTED.

  • Son, you have the most popular topic on this website that is based on religion.
    Why can't you make another topic which tells us about you?
    Are you only made up of a man made religion or do you have other aspects to your life other than religion as well.
    The month of Ramdan is upon us.
    You should use that month to spread love and not make people talk about religion and start fights here.
    The only thing religious topics are good at are starting fights.
    I really hope the next topic you make has something like your name and not your religion for i hope that you are made up of something far more than it.

  • Banned

    My question is why you are telling that you are Muslim? U don't need to justify anyone. Be a human and we respect who u are. Being a human is best justification for everyone.

  • I wonder why people hates each other just because of religion, if this is what its taught on religion (hating other people's faith) then i dont see a reason to believe in such kind of religion. For humanity is all about being kind to each other and treat everybody like your family. The space between life and death thats where we are most alive. Lets enjoy it and love each other.

  • My friend i am also muslim are you sunni or shia

  • @hello-girls hey friend ... im a Sunni ^^

  • @ivar_theboneless well . we ve been told (we muslims) to not hate anyone based on the race or religion the man who use to live nets to mouhamad peace by open him house was a jew ... he didnt kick him out of the city ... im just trying to figure out what this war against muslims without motioning what trump did ... and ask your self this have you ever been treated bad by a muslim cuz of your religion or identity ?
    thanx for your share friend we need more people like you in this world.

  • anything? the meaning of life, why did trump win the elections, why are ants more organized than humans, is the string theory true. is the earth flat, do aliens really abduct cows, why the alphabet arranged that way, what am I having for breakfast, will the Dalai Lama revive? I have so many questions

  • @iambucky well said friend ... but im trying to use this platform as a power to make change . maybe it can do something maybe not . a least im trying to do what my religion taught me ... is to teach peace .... its between me and my self
    thank you for your respect

  • @muslim I am trying to make a change too, visit my profile if you'd like to see, and i applaud you for your efforts my friend,

  • @odin sure my friend .. that was the most touch comment ive receive so far let me thank you for that first ...
    and yeah sure thats the point of this topic is that you guys know more about me.
    and no my life is based on my religion but i do have a life ...
    iam a pro martial artist and i own an electro shop and ive finished my education last year .... and i work as an entertainer in the summer too ^^
    so i have a life bro ^^
    thanx man for your feelings and support ^^

  • @reign bor ... im not god
    thanx for your share ^^

  • Ramadan Mubarak❤

  • @sup thanx bro thats really nice ^^

  • @muslim
    Why U.S.A suspends over $ 1.1 billion security assistance to Pakistan?

    Do you support staunch muslims that offer others religious people to be muslims?

    Why Middle-East muslims are homophobic?

    Do you respect other's sexuality?

    If no, does their sexuality concern to you ?

  • okay its ask me anything.. i would like to ask.
    what if u falling love with a girl who have different religion with you? what would you do? make her move to Islam, just give up on her, or have a relationship anyway?

  • Are u fasting or not, bcoz its the month of ramadan :)

  • @jimmy1708 sure iam bro .... it the most respected month for us ^^

  • @its-bobby it happens to me before ... she was christian from France ... i was in deep love with her so was she ... and i was planing to marry here ... she died from blood cancer before i even can answer that.

  • @it-sharish pakistan is full of resources thats why,
    2: its our duty to share the principals of our religion .
    3: because they have been moved from poor to rich ... they have more than they need ... so they are loosing it .
    4; i dont care what's other people sexuality ... but i think its wrong .

    thanx bro ^^