• There is no better day to Thank them for selfless love.

    Mother’s Day is a day for many people to show their appreciation towards mothers and mother figures worldwide. It is an annual event but is held at different dates in the calendar, depending on the country.

    mother day

    What are your messages for your mother on this mother's day?

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  • @iambucky bas kar yarr ab rulaega kya.............:cry: :cry:

  • @naveen067 happy mothers day bruh....but i think we don't really need mother's day to thank our mothers , i meant that we don't need a particular day to thank em , we should do it all around the year though i'm not disrespecting this day but what i ' ve observe these days that childrens , teenagers of our age often at times disrespects their mothers and sometimes indulges in a heated arguments which probably they should not do and moreover i ve seen many of kids posting happy mother's day on fb , whatsapp n many other social sites on the mother's day while their mother is just beside them doing the household works like washing dishes etc.....so i beleive we dont need any mother's day to thank our mothers.

  • @jack17 Thanks bro and sme 2 you....you're absolutely right,we don't need a particular day to thnk thm

    I don’t celebrate mother or father’s day on a specific day. For me 365 days is mother and father’s day. You should not love them on a specific days, we should love them every day, every minute and every second.

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    @iambucky said in Mother's Day................:

    Parents are only one who always care about us. Both father and mother are equally important in our life. But in our society the mother has to struggle more and sacrifice more. She is the one who saves us from all kind of threat. Then also sometime we misbehaves with her , but she says nothing becuse she understand us but we don't understand her. I felt very regretful and guilty whenever i hurt her . I never wanted to to hurt her but happen unintentionally. And I am so coward that I cannot express my feeling to her. "Kismat wale wo hote hain, Jinki Maa hoti H". We should respect everyones mother , but we prefer uses adjective of her name for abusing. We should shame on ourself. Those who respect his own mom , he definitely respect others mom.

  • @naveen067 agreed....