• Freedom Writers

    You made my heart crumble.

    Cracked with your words.

    With your actions, I tumbled.

    Tumbled down,

    To the ground.

    Laying on the floor for show.

    Why can't I let you go?

    Should've learned my lesson,

    But still, it's you I'm missin'.

    What did you do to me?

    Why can't you let me? Be? Free?

    I saw you with the other three.

    A new one every week.

    Did you even ever love me?

  • Keep it up! So far so good! c:

  • @mrbudman420 Thank you, and I plan on it. When it's finished, I'll post it. :)

  • One Word to describe this masterpiece. Amazing.

  • @psychoalex Aw! Thanks Alex! blush

  • @missv-tws-queen Oh please do! I wanna see how it turns out

  • @missv-tws-queen cheeky