Dad is getting married again

  • Three years ago, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. Two months after that, she left us. She died with that very tragic disease. I experienced depression, but Dad told me that life must go on. I managed to move on. Now, I’m whole again. But destiny must be joking on me. Just last week, my dad broke the news about him marrying again. He said he met a woman, similar to my mom, in a foreign bride social he attended months ago. I didn’t know he’s been dating after that affair. Now, what should I do? I can’t welcome another woman in my life now-- it will always be my deceased mom.

  • Hi ...
    Its difficult for me to feel the situation you have ...but I wanna try my best to help you its complicated but I think you are mature enough to let the things as they come.You know life is all about balancing between holding on and Letting cant change your destiny if your father decided to marry that women you have to accept wll not love your mother all your heart it wll also not change so let the things go on...accept it may be your father wants a companion may be he feel is very beautiful if you see the positive sides ....hope dont expect than you wll be always happy...sometimes we are broken but when we have courage to stand with the broken pieces we get the happiness called inner peace ...hope you wll understand...

    PS... Ignore my typing and grammaritcal error...


  • I am so sorry for your loss @mrmatt88. I know how painful it was because I've been through in the same situation. But as your dad said "life must go on", I think you should too. Supporting your dad doesn't mean that you replaced your mom in your heart. You only had one mom and nothing can changed that but your dad has a need that only a woman can give.

  • I know it's difficult for you to accept that, but for me. just make your father happy again. you know life is so sort so lets us be happy for him and to that girl.

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