• For years, I’ve been working for myself but I have never really had any savings. I’m not sure how to effectively do it. Everytime I attempt to save money, I end up using it one way or another. I usually just put my money in my savings account and leave it there to “save” but I end up withdrawing most, if not all, of it. This was okay when I didn’t have plans to start a family but now everything has changed. I have a girlfriend and though it’s only been six months since I met her at a marriage tour, I realized I need to get my life together and I should start by saving for my future. Do you guys have any suggestions on how to save effectively? Should I start segregating my salary?

  • @wasteful35
    There are many ways to save money but you're at the wrong place!
    Google financial sites!
    Watch youtube videos on how to save money!
    You're getting no helpful trick here!!!!!