• Hello and Welcome to the "1000 Question Journey of the World "!
    This is my first topic! I have just recently discovered this joyful opportunity to talk with stranger. I think the coolest part of talking with strangers around the world is that you get to learn a little about what peoples lives are like on a personal level. That is why I would like my first topic to be a 1000 question post composed from everyone here!

    The goal?
    Step 1: Post a question!!!!
    Step 2: Reply to a question!!!
    Rules? - Keep it positive, non-bias, respect that immaturity is inevitable and lets ignore it.

    LETS BEGIN!!! :upside-down_face: :winking_face: :smiling_face:

    Question #1 - Its often easy to wake up when you have something awesome to look forward to in the day. Other days we wake up and just do not have the motivation to get out of bed! What is your morning ritual to help pep up the morning and make the day easier to greet?

  • Cat or Dog lover?

  • @xanderd I listen to music!

  • Candy or chocolate?

  • @xanderd If there are answer to every question in this world, my question would be which god to follow? :pray:

  • @XanderD Sex with Aids or Sex with clamydia

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