• Travelling around the country has been my hobby for five years already. And I feature those places through vlogging. While looking for new inspirations to my next vlog, I came to a marriage tours which portray socials in every places they go to. It was great and really fascinating. The tour gave me ideas but I think those are not enough. This is the main reason why I’m here wanting your attention and advices regarding my question on how to become a good vlogger. Thanks y’all!

  • @markalwyn24 I really enjoy watching vlogs and I'm also thinking of creating one but I guess it's not really for me because I am a shy person. Based on what I observed on vlogs, you should have your own unique style of vlogging because it makes you become different from other youtubers. Maybe you should incorporate humor on your vlog so your followers will be entertained.

  • @markalwyn24 i do really enjoy watching vlogs. but i dont have any idea on how to do that.

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