Does it consider as cheating if u have a partner and u love him so much but u sext with strangers online

  • @nice-guy I did found this one guy called..I don't quite remember his name, good man or gentle boy or something so anyway I would say he is definitely a sext keeper 😛 and yeah its not a very good option to sext here but let me make up my mind first

  • dude its totally cool you are not married to her so you are still a free man

  • If he finds out then i guess his reaction will give you the answer. Which is yes

  • yes yes yes and definitely yes
    that's called cheating

  • I don't think it's depends on the circumstances really... I would like to find someone to sext with, but don't feel like it would be cheating on my man...maybe I'm wrong

  • @a-le you are wrong ,definitely wrong
    how would you feel if he did the same thing with a person other than you?
    if your reply is that you don't mind..then girl..its time to find a new bf..bcoz you don't love that guy really

  • @khaleezi91 well it's kinda complicated...I love him but I have some sexual needs he can't satisfy fully...I never cheated on him and hopefully never will but I need something more sexually that he can't give me right now...I feel bad thinking about it believe me, but what can I do?

  • @khaleezi91 I did talk to him... we've been together for many years and sex is great and I'm happy with him, really...but sometimes I feel like the need of being desired and have sexual attention and when I find myself kinda flirting with random man I realise that is because I need more...and It makes me feel bad coz would never wanna hurt him...

  • @lucifer_ I did talk to him about how to spice up our relationship. I've always been very open minded, curious and creative when it comes with sexual relationships, but I'm worried to push the limits and make him feel like he's forced to do something he doesn't really want... I told him in the past maybe to try a threesome or going to a swing club (it would embarass me as well but excite me also)...things like that...he said "yes...maybe..." wasn't too convinced, I feel bad insisting so I just did not mention again

  • @a-le Innocent flirting is okay almost everyone does it.
    if complimenting the coffee guy helps you get your coffee better and faster and makes him happy for a while, there's nothing wrong with it.

  • @bushmurry thanks I'll check that out 😊

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