• Please help me I just wanna get rid of these fuckers

  • Hate to break it to you but 98% of this website is "perverts", and do you realize who's in charge of the banning and suspension? Mods and the admin. Guess what? Mods will not ban unless it's strictly allowed by the admin, and they are given warnings first.
    Flow of users = popularity and this website will take ANY kind of user, be it perverts, pedophiles, bots and the like.
    You will be wasting your time flagging in the long run. Save yourself the energy.

  • Sadly the truth... but you know I still look up to being a mod one day y'know? haha so I'll still try

  • @seventh-hokage As an ex mod, it's again worthless. I tried and even yelled at for banning bots. You can try until you die, I won't stop you. Just giving you a good fair warning.

  • Thanks for the advice Kauna I'll keep it in mind.... you tried to do the same thing I'm doing right now and I appreciate the advice but there has to be something I can do, going as far as to make my own website lol

  • @seventh-hokage We seem to be on the same path because I am on the draft of my own website myself to take down this piece of shit.