what do you really feel like commenting to a posts by teenagers saying i need a gf/bf/sugar daady/hot chics blah blah

  • seriously?? grow up first..will you..just because your hormones are haywire ,it doesn't give you the right to be cheap..
    learn to respect your heart and your body ..don't just give it away to some crappy retards..and have some dignity and shame you are not a product for sale and really** get out of your house** ..stop sitting in front of your lappy and searching for chics..

    .find someone nice.from around you and (don't tell me u cant..there was a time without the internet young man...and people still had love back then)
    .smile a lot..have lots of talk..have an emotional connection with someone...or

    buy a pet..a cat or dog...or

    start drawing or singing or anything that gives you happiness rather than hunting for sugar daddys and stuffs online..
    seriously...enjoy your age...you have a lot of time to ruin your life in the future..u have lot of time to be lonely and pathetic in the future...for now just for now...love yourselves.

  • Gamers

    That was so wonderful, heartfelt and truthful I fear it will fall on deaf ears... I hope I'm wrong

  • Music Lovers

    Um, right, those "sugardaddy" posts does seem cheap. And yeah, i like the idea of being outdoors more often ..but smiling way to much , doesn't it categorise you as a creep ?

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